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More Poison Ivy

A few days ago I wrote about Poison Ivy and mentioned I have a small line on the inside of one of my feet (now nearly healed). When I mowed the lawn again yesterday I found a few more small plants (and these are really small) embedded in the grass, so that is where I think I am getting it, not from hiking.

What I think is happening is that as I mow over it, the blade of course cuts it, releasing the urushiol oil, and then I am brushing against that as I walk past. I also think that my increased incidence of getting it is related to that, and I just need to do a better job of clearing it off my property. Add that to the “to do” list.

Interestingly, there is folklore that actually eating the leaves can provide immunity and that is what Native Americans did. (more…)

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The Barefoot Book has won “Book of the Year” honors from ForeWord Reviews. Congratulations to author Daniel Howell. The award decisions

are based on editorial excellence, professional production, originality of the narrative, author credentials relative to the book, and the value the book adds to its genre.

“The Barefoot Book” won the Gold in the category Body, Mind & Spirit, where it was up against 9 other finalists. The winners were announced at the American Library Association‘s Annual Conference and Exhibit.

This is replete with irony.


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Poison Ivy and Bare Feet

Poison ivy can be the bane of many an outdoors person. If you are one of the about 80% of the population that is susceptible to it, it can be really annoying. And if you don’t seem to be one of the 80%, don’t get smug — the rash is an allergic reaction and you just may not have been exposed to it enough yet. There is still “hope” for you. (Sorry about that).

The substance in poison ivy that causes the rash is called urushiol. Supposedly it is a yellow liquid, but the trouble is that it is nearly impossible to see, so you generally don’t know if you have gotten any on you until the rash develops, and then it is too late.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind, though.


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I do a lot of hiking in Hocking Hills, which got its name from the Hocking River that passes through it. The Hocking River was named from a geological feature around Rock Mill, which is along Lithopolis Road to the west of Lancaster (Ohio). It got that name from the Delaware Indians living in the area . . .


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BFF? “Bare Feet Forever”. Why, what did you think it meant?

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First a reminder that there is another new episode of Dual Survival on this evening. Usual time: 9:00 EDT. Tonight’s episode is entitled “Up the River”. Here’s the official description:

The hosts play two kayakers who become separated on a river in Kentucky, where Dave traps a skunk.

Now, on to “Hippo Island”.


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50 Dangerous Things

There is a rather cute story in yesterday’s Huffington Post entitled 11 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do. It takes a short look at eleven of the suggestions in the book 50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do) by Gene Tulley and Julie Spiegler.

The idea behind the book seems to the recollection that when we were kids we did all sorts of things that these days are seen as too dangerous. We rode our bikes everywhere; we had the freedom to be kids. These days so much of kids’ times seems to be structured: play dates, camps, that sort of thing.


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