Saturday Comic

This is last Sunday’s strip from Arlo & Janis.

Arlo & Janis, April 19, 2015

Arlo & Janis, April 19, 2015

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I’ve mentioned before having older adults tell me how they used to run around barefoot all summer as kids, but that they could never do that now. It’s because they have let their feet atrophy.


The Pleasure of Being Recognized

One of the downsides of going barefooted is the constant worry (even if we get used to it) of having some store employee seeing us barefoot and throwing a fit.

But there is also an upside.

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Skyclad and Earthsoled

Today is Earth Day. It’s a good day to appreciate Mother Earth skyclad and earthsoled.

For how else can we really be intimate with our origin?

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A Hole in My Foot

I did a bit of hiking last Friday. And I had something happen that happens only very rarely.

I got a hole in my foot.

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Saturday Comic

Today’s comic is a classic. It’s from Pogo by Walt Kelly, and was drawn specifically for Earth Day in 1971.

He originally drew a comic for the first Earth Day in 1970. This 1971 version is similar, but for the second on he added the piece that makes it particularly poignant for barefooters.

This is also the origin of the famous tagline, “We have met the enemy . . . and he is us.”

Pogo, Earth Day, 1971

Pogo, Earth Day, 1971



I keep dwelling on Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (RFRAs) because I think that they could be an effective tool for barefooters to make barefooting more acceptable. If we can go into places where there are even rules against it, and nothing bad happens, then maybe we might change some minds.

But there are also states without RFRAs in which such religious claims can be made.

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Hopewell Moonset

Sunday and yesterday were two of the scheduled open houses at the Octagon of the Newark Earthworks. What that means is that the golf course on the site is closed and the folks of the Newark Earthworks Center put on tours for the public of the site. These are always interesting and fun—I always learn something new every time I go.

This was also a very interesting time, almost, to be there.

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