Wanted: Barefoot Armed Robber

Early yesterday morning, about 3 miles (as the crow flies) from my house, a Speedway gas station was robbed.

The perp was barefoot.

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There is a California bluegrass-ish group out there called The Dustbowl Revival. They recently got Dick Van Dyke to help them shoot a video, and the result is magical.

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Saturday Comic

Here’s an old comic strip from May 19, 1955. It’s from Out Our Way by J. R. Williams.

Out Our Way, May 19, 1955

Out Our Way, May 19, 1955


It’s time for the Cannes Film Festival. And how does one dress for the Red Carpet? Well, if you are a woman, presumably you have to torture your feet.

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Saturday Comic

Here’s a new comic. It is from the strip “Yenny Lopez”, by Puerto Rican artist David Alvarez. Here’s the description of the strip from GoComics:

Follow the daily life of Yenny Lopez, a Latina teen girl who lives with her mother Yunissa, her sea turtle Buke and a fast talking-iguana called Zacha at a modest wooden house complex in Villa Los Kubos, Puerto Rico.

Yenny dreams of becoming a famous model, but her big, giant feet stand in the way. In the meantime, she studies at the Carizzio Modeling College with high hopes of seeing her dream become a reality.

But if you have “big, giant feet”, you might as well use them.

This strip appeared last month.

Yenny Lopez, April 13, 2015

Yenny Lopez, April 13, 2015


[H/T: Tom]

A Riddle

The native Hawaiians were quite fond of riddles (with riddles similar to the riddle contest in The Hobbit). Here’s an example:

Kuu ana ula, ku lalani na koa kapa keokeo.

In my red cave stand in rows white-clad soldiers.

Here is the answer:


Got it? Get the idea?

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Glenford Fort

On Saturday I was privileged to participate in a program to visit Glenford Fort in Perry County. It wasn’t much of a hike (with an easy 200-foot ascent to the top of a hill), but it was a great chance to view an ancient hilltop enclosure

While the registration information for the program stressed “sturdy hiking shoes are a must,” I went with the sturdiest kind of footwear I know. (Barefoot.)

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