Statins and Tendons Don’t Mix

As regular readers here know, I am rather laid up at the moment. On December 10, 2017 I managed to rupture my Achilles tendon while playing tennis. I’ve previously written about this in What’s Up, Doc?, followed by What’s Afoot?.

So, here’s an update along with some thoughts about why I’m in this predicament. (Hint: look at the title of this post.)

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Saturday Comic

Here’s a comic from the strip Arctic Circle that just appeared this past November 20, 2017. The strip is created by Alex Hallatt.

Arctic Circle, November 20, 2017

Arctic Circle, November 20, 2017

If you really want to get eco-friendly, barefooters can suggest a way.

(I even have a blog entry about the Carbon Footprint of shoes.)


To Keeley and Back

Let me return writing about to my trip Out West last spring. (I’ll finish doing so eventually—hopefully before my next trip.)

After leaving the Grand Canyon, I returned to Hovenweep and the Canyons of the Ancients.

There was more barefoot exploring to do.

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Saturday Comic

Here’s a cartoon I really don’t know the provenance of. (I cannot even decipher the cartoonist’s signature.)

"Barefoot Shoes"

“Barefoot Shoes”

But I do know that the phrase “barefoot shoes” drive me (and a lot of other barefooters) nuts. At least this one is accurate.


Abyssinia Barefoot

The 1800s were a big time for English voyagers to travel the world and then write up their adventures. Mansfield Parkyns went to Abyssinia (nowadays Ethiopia and Eritrea) when he was 20 and lived there for 3 years.

While in Abyssinia, he adopted their dress and customs. That included going barefoot.

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Saturday Comic

Here’s a Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comic from August 3, 1969.

Snuffy Smith, August 3, 1969

Snuffy Smith, August 3, 1969

[Click for larger, more readable version.]

I think it hearkens back to the time in the early 1900s when even Isadora Duncan dancing barefoot was considered scandalous. “Proper” women just wouldn’t be seen in public barefoot.


What a Card—Texas Edition

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about those “Barefoot Rights” Cards available over at barefooters.org. I discussed Michigan and Arizona, and how the law really doesn’t say what those cards say it is.

Today I want to look at the Texas card.

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