Getting High

It’s now June 18. We’ve decided it’s a good day to climb Mt. Washburn, which was really pretty close to our campsite.

This is something we hadn’t managed to do when we were there 9 years ago.

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Hot Pot

We were now at our first full day at Yellowstone (June 17). Neither my son nor I are big fans of crowds of tourists, so I’d mainly planned to visit locations that were away from the standard Yellowstone locations. (You may have noticed I do something similar in my hikes around Central Ohio.) Very few people are willing to go the extra mile (literally) to see something different. So, today’s plan was to visit the Monument Geyser Basin.

But that didn’t mean that was all we had to do.

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Entering Yellowstone

Resuming writing about our trip out west, the following morning (this is now June 15) we got a fairly early start to head out to Yellowstone. However, getting a campsite in Yellowstone is a real challenge.

So we had a strategy.

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Saturday Comic

Today’s comic comes from Agnes, a strip from Tony Cochrane about a poor girl who lives with her “Granma”. I’ve never really “gotten” the strip, and I’m not sure I “get” the point of this one, either. It does seem to rely on the standard, exaggerated fears of the shod, though.

It appeared on June 19, 2006.

Agnes, June 19, 2006

Agnes, June 19, 2006


We Conata Do This—Yes We Can

I’ve now made it to describing our third day of exploring the Badlands. This time we really went out there, and this day is among our most fun days on the entire trip.

We went back to the Conata Basin.

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Miss Manners Addresses NSNSNS

We take a break from our regularly-scheduled travelog in the Badlands because a reader has asked Miss Manners about the “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” signs in restaurants.

But you really won’t believe what torques off that reader.

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Up the Creek without a Saddle

We’re now up to day 2 (June 13) of our trip to the Badlands of South Dakota. On our first day we’d hiked the only real trail of the park, and we’d driven to the other side and seen a bunch of wildlife.

Now it was time to start branching out.

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