Fear and Loathing

I wrote last week about Free-Range Kids with The Creek Boys. Free-Range Kids highlights just how much things have changed in the last 50 years regarding unjustified fears . . . of everything.

And that everything includes the pervasive fear of going barefoot.

I thought I’d relate some recent free-range incidents and how their occurrences might relate to barefooting.

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Saturday Comic

Zits to start last month. Zits to start this month. It’s from last Thursday.

Zits, April 30, 2015

Zits, April 30, 2015

Complaints of bare feet being unsanitary around food would make sense only if this were regularly true.


The Creek Boys

One of the blogs I regularly read is Lenore Skenazy’s Free-Range Kids. She debunks a lot of the unreasonable fears that parents have these days and advocates for letting kids grow up the way we used to, without having parents constantly hovering and directing their lives.

She recently highlighted “The Creek Boys of Raleigh” and it shows, that given a chance, kids do still go barefoot.

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Saturday Comic

This is last Sunday’s strip from Arlo & Janis.

Arlo & Janis, April 19, 2015

Arlo & Janis, April 19, 2015

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I’ve mentioned before having older adults tell me how they used to run around barefoot all summer as kids, but that they could never do that now. It’s because they have let their feet atrophy.


The Pleasure of Being Recognized

One of the downsides of going barefooted is the constant worry (even if we get used to it) of having some store employee seeing us barefoot and throwing a fit.

But there is also an upside.

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Skyclad and Earthsoled

Today is Earth Day. It’s a good day to appreciate Mother Earth skyclad and earthsoled.

For how else can we really be intimate with our origin?

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A Hole in My Foot

I did a bit of hiking last Friday. And I had something happen that happens only very rarely.

I got a hole in my foot.

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