Saturday Comic

Our comic for today is from The Ryatts, a strip created by Cal Alley and that appeared from 1954 to 1994. This one was published June 21, 1957.

The Ryatts, June 21, 1957

The Ryatts, June 21, 1957

And I’m sure we all know why she has that blister in the first place . . .


Barefoot Girls

Here’s a cute little column from 1916.

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Steps on Needle While Barefoot; Sues

Stores will often throw at barefooters a fear that the barefooter will step on something like a needle and sue them. Yet, if you look through court cases, such a lawsuit is really, really rare.

On top of that, the lawsuits that one does find, are never that simple. I have an example of that.

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Acclimatization Inadequacy Syndrome

Ken Bob Saxton, in his book Barefoot Running, Step by Step, identifies what he calls B.R.E.S.: Barefoot Running Exuberance Syndrome. He refers to some of the pains one can get when getting too exuberant about barefoot running and overdoing it. Like everything else, you have to work up to barefoot running.

The same principle applies to acclimating to the cold. I’ve called that Acclimatization Inadequacy Syndrome.

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The Time to Acclimate is Now

The leaves are changing. There have been a couple of cold fronts that have passed through with attendant rain. We even had frost one night. But the temperatures are still getting up into the 50s (10C).

I hear of barefooters in warmer climes for whom 50° is too cold. OK. But for around here (central Ohio), it’s nothing. Or at least, it can be nothing if you acclimate yourself.

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Saturday Comic

Today’s comic comes from Mother Goose & Grimm. It was published on September 2, 1989.


Hey, whatever it takes.


A Trail Encounter

Ever wonder what other people think if they come across us barefooters hiking through the woods? Well, Tom Vartabedian of Haverhill (just north of Boston) recently encountered a family hiking Mount Willard in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and wrote about it.

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