An Interview

I’m pulling out something from a few years ago, when I first started fighting the Ohio Statehouse when they wanted to institute a footwear rule. You can see all those posts here.

Along the way, I did a few interviews. I recently came across one I did for the NPR program Whad’Ya Know? with Michael Feldman.

It’s rather interesting.

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This Is Your Brain On Clogs

There was an interesting article at the Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies: Nudity is Healthy for Brains and Bodies (possibly NSFW).

In many ways, “nudity” is being “barefoot all over“.

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Church Deacon Disciplined

In 1896 Deacon Jonathan Fechter showed up for church in his bare feet.

He was disciplined by the other deacons.

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Not Kicked Off the Bus After All

Last Tuesday we saw the story of the woman who was supposedly kicked of a Columbus bus for having a broken flip-flip and going barefooted. While she was off the bus she was raped.

It turns out that she wasn’t kicked off after all.

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Saturday Comic

Here’s yet another look at looking for shoes after a summer of going barefooted. This is from “All in a Lifetime” and appeared on September 3 in both 1952 and 1959.

All In A Lifetime, September 3, 1952/1959

All In A Lifetime, September 3, 1952/1959

The thing is, that girl is of the age when the feet of a growing child are just naturally getting bigger, and by that I mean longer. While there might be some spreading (and muscular growth) from going barefooted, it’s really not right to blame the need for bigger shoes on going barefooted.


Barefoot Spinning

Did you know there is a Facebook group for “Fiber Artists & Yarn Spinners”? Of course you should know that. There’s a facebook group for everything.

Anyways, there was a recent discussion there about spinning (that is, spinning yard) barefoot.

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Restaurant Tips

Yesterday my wife and I had lunch at a restaurant. The waiter did look at me kind of funny for a moment, but didn’t say anything. It probably helped that he looked fairly young and hip. It probably helped even more that we were at an outdoor cafe.

But I thought I’d give a few tips for eating barefoot at a restaurant.

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