Barefoot Girl

We’re all (I presume) familiar with John Greenleaf Whittier’s classic poem “Barefoot Boy“.

Do you think maybe I could find a poem about a barefoot girl?

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A Taxing Issue

What with income taxes in the United States being due yesterday, my local newspaper (does anybody read those any more?), The Columbus Dispatch, had a tongue-in-cheek tax form that you could fill out.

For some reason it caught my eye.

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More Barefoot Sailors

When I wrote about Barefoot Sailors, the example I used was the Spanish-American war (during the blockade of Cuba). It really only showed those sailors doing their exercises on deck in bare feet.

But what about real sailing (as opposed to powered) ships?

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Barefoot Sailors

We somehow often think of sailors as barefoot. I imagine that comes from the movies we’ve seen.

But is it accurate?

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Saturday Comic

Our comic for today again comes from the strip Sam & Silo, and features their highly educated naturalist and poet, Funny Floyd.

Sam & Silo, April 23, 1980

Sam & Silo, April 23, 1980

Think about it . . .


More Gym Shoes

Yesterday we looked at what WWII shoe rationing did to gym classes at the Alton School District. That was 1943.

How about we take a look at some insanity from 1982?

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Getting Your Daily Shoe Rations

Last week we found out about attorney and judge Tom Smiley, who used the shoe rationing of World War II to “patriotically” go barefoot.

Let’s look at another effect of the rationing.

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