Labor Day

Just a quick Labor Day post, with some pictures of why we have a Labor Day.

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Saturday Comic

Today’s cartoon is from Red and Rover, a strip set more or less in the 1960s, when a lot more kids spent their entire summers barefoot.

It appeared just this past Tuesday, August 26, 2014.

Red and Rover, August 26, 2014

Red and Rover, August 26, 2014

This was a common problem (and yes, in the comic strip, Red really has spent his entire summer barefoot). Additionally, with the reference to Hawaii, I wonder if the cartoonist sometimes listens in to barefooters’ discussions.


Up a Tree

In its daily feature of a photo of people-about-town, that Columbus Dispatch picture will occasionally be of a barefooted person.

A couple of days ago it was of some kids building a tree fort at a local park.

Kids building a tree fort

Master Builders | At Clinton Como Park in Clintonville, these four are building a tree fort. In the tree are the Reider brothers — 7-year-old Koen, left, and 9-year-old Aiden. Still on the ground are the Moore brothers — 9-year-old Clay, left and 7-year-old River.

[Caption by the Dispatch. Photo Credit: Adam Cairns of the Dispatch.]

I thought it was rather neat (and encouraging) to see a bunch of kids playing barefoot. (And with no adults around hyperventilating, either.)


Best Buy. Wussed Way.

Let me continue with yesterday’s Best Buy. Worst Way.

We pick up the story after I sent an email to Best Buy’s corporate offices about violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Best Buy. Worst Way.

I got kicked out of a Best Buy the other day. I imagine those who’ve been kicked out of other places have had similar experiences.

But this time I had the police called on me.

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Barefoot Truck Driving

Yesterday while writing about barefoot driving I described a ticket somebody got for doing so, and then how the judge allowed the policeman half an hour to find the actual statute before finally dismissing the ticket (because no such statute existed).

But what about when driving a commercial vehicle, like a semi?

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Drivin’ Down the Road

This is what I saw when I was driving down the road yesterday. Looks pretty comfortable.

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