Saturday Comic

Today’s comic comes from Mother Goose & Grimm. It was published on September 2, 1989.


Hey, whatever it takes.


A Trail Encounter

Ever wonder what other people think if they come across us barefooters hiking through the woods? Well, Tom Vartabedian of Haverhill (just north of Boston) recently encountered a family hiking Mount Willard in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and wrote about it.

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Climbing Mount Kenya

These days we see enough news stories or internet descriptions of barefooted feats that sometimes I forget that, while we are trailblazers in our own rights, there’s nothing new under the sun.

I was reminded of that by a pair of older news stories.

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Children’s Shoes

Here is a very interesting blog entry from a runner, Marc Curtis, about getting his son his first pair of shoes.

It surely helped that Marc runs in minimalist shoes (or even sometimes barefoot).

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Unintended Consequences

Yesterday I wrote about being Barefoot Up North. It ain’t always fun and games.

Here’s an incident that still burns me up when thinking about it . . .

But there’s a bright side.

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Barefoot Up North

I mentioned in More Bogwalking that I’d spent the previous week in northern Wisconsin. It is always interesting to be in a place that is not one’s normal stomping grounds. Even though I go there regularly, it’s not as if the people there see me all that often, the way they do at the usual places I go shopping back home.

The week we were there was rather interesting weather-wise: it started out near 80° (27C) and in a few days went to highs of around 55° (13C) and lows of 35° (2C). That’ll adjust your feet to cooler weather pretty quickly.

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Saturday Comic

Our comic for today is an old Dennis the Menace from September 16, 1988.

Dennis the Menace, September 16, 1988

Dennis the Menace, September 16, 1988



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