Dispatch Photos: Independence

One of my semi-regular features is to highlight when my local paper, The Columbus Dispatch, has a local, about-town picture of somebody barefooted. Today I have two of them.

Well, sort of.

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Melodramatic News Stories

I really hate it when newspeople use bare feet to transmit their own fears. We have two recent news stories where bare feet really have nothing to do with the story, but they were still highlighted as if they were particularly relevant and bad.

Worse yet, they must do it because they think their audience will respond to it.

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Saturday Comic

Our cartoon for today is from Off the Record, which was drawn by Carl Kuhn from 1935-1940, and by Ed Reed from 1946-1984. This one is from on June 3, 1968.

Off the Record, June 3, 1968

Off the Record, June 3, 1968

My only question is, if going barefoot is part of the tribe’s ways, why is the guy on the right wearing moccasins? (Actually, even moccasin-wearing tribes went barefoot a lot—why wear out a perfectly good pair of moccasins when you didn’t really need them?)


Colorful Characters: Jerry Rubin

Many of you are probably too young to remember Jerry Rubin. He was one of the founders of the Youth International Party (the “Yippies”) to protest the Vietnam War.

He’s also probably at least partly one of the instigators of the proliferation of “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” signs.

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Half-Shod Athletes

This just strikes me as odd. In the 1940s there was a sudden fad of going barefoot among high-jumpers and and pole-vaulters.

But only half-barefoot.

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Beating the TOMS-TOMS

There’s a fairly new Op-Ed on the website of The Business of Fashion. It casts doubt on the TOMS Shoes “one-for-one” business model of giving away a product to a needy third world child every time a customer buys one.

It’s not a bad op-ed, but the op-ed itself, and all of the comments miss one important feature of giving away shoes.

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The Importance of Proprioception

As barefooters, I think we’re all pretty much aware of the importance of proprioception, the awareness of our body position which comes from our sense of touch and our perceived motions. It is sometimes called our “sixth sense”.

Unsurprisingly, shoes limit our proprioceptive sense and that can lead to falls and other difficulties.

And you might just bite off your foot.

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