Children’s Shoes

Here is a very interesting blog entry from a runner, Marc Curtis, about getting his son his first pair of shoes.

It surely helped that Marc runs in minimalist shoes (or even sometimes barefoot).

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Unintended Consequences

Yesterday I wrote about being Barefoot Up North. It ain’t always fun and games.

Here’s an incident that still burns me up when thinking about it . . .

But there’s a bright side.

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Barefoot Up North

I mentioned in More Bogwalking that I’d spent the previous week in northern Wisconsin. It is always interesting to be in a place that is not one’s normal stomping grounds. Even though I go there regularly, it’s not as if the people there see me all that often, the way they do at the usual places I go shopping back home.

The week we were there was rather interesting weather-wise: it started out near 80° (27C) and in a few days went to highs of around 55° (13C) and lows of 35° (2C). That’ll adjust your feet to cooler weather pretty quickly.

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Saturday Comic

Our comic for today is an old Dennis the Menace from September 16, 1988.

Dennis the Menace, September 16, 1988

Dennis the Menace, September 16, 1988


The Barefoot Tribe

We’re all familiar with the Ebola crisis. But did you know that there is One Thing We Can Do to Control the Spread of Ebola? Would you be surprised to find out, when it comes to the Ebola crisis, Why something as simple as a shoe could change lives in Africa?

And would you be even more surprised to find out that the organization pushing this is having a Barefoot Sunday on October 19th to collect your shoes to send to Africa?

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More Bogwalking

I spent last week up in northern Wisconsin and had a chance to do a barefoot bogwalk again.

This time I brought my son and a video camera.

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Lack of Support for Support

There is a very interesting (and long) article about whether bare feet are better at the Neuroanthropology site. The article is well supported with scientific articles.

The article’s discussion of “support” and what is “natural” got me thinking about a different way to look at things.

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