Children in a Democracy

I have a picture for you to take a look at. See if you can figure out what was wrong with it, so much so that it was ripped off the cover of an official governmental report.

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World Cup . . . Never Barefoot

Fútbol (soccer) is one of those games that just seem a natural for playing barefoot. It’s played on a large grassy field. You see kids all over the world playing that way. It’s probably safer played barefoot; with all that kicking going on, I sure would prefer that a misaimed kick come from a bare foot.

But you sure won’t see a World Cup game played barefoot.

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OSHA. Oh, Sure.

Barefooters will sometimes be told by store employees that they have to wear shoes because “OSHA requires it.” OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and it only applies to employees, not customers.

And even then, there is no specific rule that says that even store employees need to wear shoes (though of course the business itself might require them).

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Barefoot Days

I haven’t done a poem for a while.

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I recently saw a conversation in which a barefooter was chastised by family for being “disrespectful” to them. It was said that being barefoot was traditionally a disrespectful action. Others countered that bare feet have traditionally been considered respectful, and that it’s only fairly recently (and mainly in the U.S.) that many have considered bare feet disrespectful.

So, have bare feet traditionally been considered respectful?

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Saturday Comic

Today’s cartoon fits in with an earlier post of this week, Socially Acceptable. It is from the strip Cornered by Mike Baldwin.

Cornered, June 10, 2010

Cornered, June 10, 2010

The funny thing is, these days one sees a fair number of people wearing socks with sandals and our eyes and brains have gotten used to it. So it’s turned into pretty much a non-issue. Now if only bare feet would follow the same route.


Happy 4th of July

A repeat from two years ago (and two years before that):

Happy Barefoot 4th of July

Happy Barefoot 4th of July


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