Saving Soles

When I wrote about Dirty Feet, it generated a comment (a question really) asking what I did to maintain them.

Here’s the answer.

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Saturday Comic

Yesterday we learned a bit about shoe rationing during World War II. Our Saturday Comic looks at it from another point of view.

This is from the comic They’ll Do It Every Time by Jimmy Hatlo.

They'll Do It Every Time, June 25, 1943

They’ll Do It Every Time, June 25, 1943

One thing I like about it is the “Thanx to many contributors” at the bottom of the first panel. That makes it pretty clear that there were still lots and lots of kids going barefoot then.


Suppose it is World War II and the government has just instituted shoe rationing. Furthermore, suppose that you are a lawyer in Texas and a bit of a publicity hound, and you really don’t like wearing shoes all that much anyways.

So, what do you do?

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When The Columbus Dispatch very occasionally prints a picture of somebody barefoot out and about town, I like to show it.

It’s been a long time, and a long winter.

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I played tennis yesterday morning as part of a Tuesday bunch of friends and acquaintances. One of them mentioned to me that he’d seen this thing on Facebook about This Dude Didn’t Wear Shoes For 8 Years!.

It was described as gross . . . and it was.

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There’s a new health breakthrough related to barefooting that I thought I should report on. It not only can make you feel much better and lead a healthier life, it manages to verify, and then magnify qi.

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Barefoot in Beverly Hills

How about some barefoot music this morning?

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